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Steel cabinets, for all your precious belongings. Behind glass, you can display your finest possessions dust free and safe. The Steel Cabinets are for the big ánd small collectors, since they come in seven wonderful variations. The oak frame, shiny steel work and the glass windows and cloches make every showcase strong and tough. Designed by Sylvie Meuffels, these handmade unique steel cabinets are ready to steal the show.

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The Steel Cabinets are available in seven different variants⤵︎

FROM: From: 1,150.00 incl. BTW/VAT

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#1 Height with dome: 109cm Width: 26cm Depth: 26cm
#2 Height with dome: 148cm Width: 42,5cm Depth: 42,5cm
#3 Height with dome: 138cm Width: 34cm Depth: 34cm
#4 Height with dome: 85cm Width: 72cm Depth: 51cm
#5 Height with dome: 125cm Width: 80cm Depth: 53cm
#6 Height: 152,2cm Width: 67cm Depth: 49,5cm
#7 Height: 143cm Width: 114cm Depth: 50 cm

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