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Steel Cabinets - 3. Compilation_a
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Steel Cabinets, for all your precious belongings. Behind glass, you can display your finest possessions dust-free and safe. The Steel Cabinets are for the big ánd small collectors, since they come in seven wonderful variations. The oakwood base, powder coated steel frame and the glass windows and domes make every cabinet beautiful and mesmerising. Designed by Sylvie Meuffels for JSPR, these handmade unique Steel Cabinets are ready to steal the show. The cabinets can be easily removed from the oakwood base, and can therefor also be used without the base (or build your own one!).

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
The Steel Cabinets are available in seven different variants⤵︎

FROM: From: 1,149.50 incl. BTW/VAT

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Oakwood base, Powdercoated steel frame, Glass (handcut)


Each Steel Cabinet has its own instructions for opening and closing. Some models can simply be opened from above by removing the 'roof', other models have sliding doors. There are no locks on the Steel Cabinets (but this is possible on request).


Height with dome: 109cm /
Width: 26cm /
Depth: 26cm


Height with dome: 148cm /
Width: 42,5cm /
Depth: 42,5cm


Height with dome: 138cm /
Width: 34cm /
Depth: 34cm


Height with dome: 85cm /
Width: 72cm /
Depth: 51cm


Height with dome: 125cm /
Width: 80cm /
Depth: 53cm


Height: 152,2cm /
Width: 67cm /
Depth: 49,5cm


Height: 143cm /
Width: 114cm /
Depth: 50 cm


The Steel Cabinets are always transported with excellent care by our experienced carriers. They are safely packaged in custom-made wooden packaging.


Ask us for a suitable quotation, when interested in more than 1 piece!


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