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De JSPR Plastic Fantastic Collection

The Plastic Fantastic collection by JSPR definitely brings a smile to everyone’s face! The handmade, mahogany wooden furniture with leather upholstery is completely covered with a unique rubber coating that not only gives the items a unique and modern look, it also makes the items completely water-resistant so that they can be used outdoors or in wet areas; Even the lighting fixture! The JSPR Plastic Fantastic items already adorn many terraces, swimming pools or saunas.

Did you know that the JSPR Plastic Fantastic collection was JSPR’s first collection? Jasper van Grootel came up with this brilliant idea years ago, and over time the collection has grown into a huge family where at least one item is added to the collection every year. The JSPR Plastic Fantastic wall lamp is one of our favorite items in the collection.

A big advantage is that the collection has been around for ten years and The World of JSPR can therefore guarantee quality with certainty. Another advantage is that the color options are endless. At The World of JSPR we offer 23 standard colors, but we like to think along with our customers for other possibilities. For example, would you like the JSPR Plastic Fantastic lamp in the color of your company logo? That is possible! Come and see the Plastic Fantastic collection in our showroom and discuss the possibilities with us! We also provide suitable advice on maintenance.

Important to know: The JSPR Plastic Fantastic items are custom made for you by color and therefore can not be exchanged or returned!