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De JSPR Diamond Original collection

For everyone who loves diamonds, this diamond-shaped design, made by Sylvie Meuffels for JSPR, was like a gift from heaven. The JSPR Diamond Original lamp is the perfect combination of the rich feeling of a diamond and the industrial atmosphere that comes back in the steel line pattern. A charming and elegant design that appeals to many people. The JSPR Diamond Original has now proven itself as a leading design because it adorns many restaurants and hotels around the world. But the JSPR Diamond Original also comes to right in more business or home-like atmospheres.

The JSPR Diamond Original lamp differs from other steel wire lamps by the detailed and authentic design, and the A quality. Every Diamond is delivered complete with an additional ceiling cap, fabric cable (2m) and steel suspension cable (2m). Due to the thin steel work, the lamps are also light weighted and easy to hang. This diamond-shaped lighting collection is available in three different shapes and two different colors. The World of JSPR can also offer other colors on request, because the lamps are produced and powder coated in-house. As a result, this design can be combined endlessly and it is possible to create a personal landscape of light.

Let your Diamond shine extra bright by adding a beautiful lamp. The entire JSPR Diamonds Original collection offers the possibility to use every E27 lamp. The World of JSPR also offers the matching and dimmable light sources in clear or gold glass.