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De JSPR Aurora collection

The circular JSPR Aurora lamp is a design by JSPR’s head designer and founder Jasper van Grootel. According to the designer himself, the combination of the anodized aluminum frame and the retro LED lights makes this design chic and at the same time playful. The circular, heavenly light now adorns many hospitality venues such as bars, restaurants and hotels, but also comes to right in homey atmospheres. Because of the round design, everyone can literally surround themselves with warmth and a positive atmosphere thanks to the Aurora ring light.

The retro lightbulbs often give a nostalgic feeling, or are for some a link with the theather world. But above all they give a great effect on the wall and on the luminaire itself. Equipped with LED lighting, this design is energy efficient and easily dimmable for an atmospheric vibe.

For lovers with more space: create an immense object of lighting by hanging different Aurora’s in or next to each other. Or: use the JSPR Aurora as a wall fixture with our wall brackets. This elegant fixture with its many possibilities is secretly one of our favorites!

The JSPR Aurora comes standard with a fabric cable (3m) and three steel suspension cables (3m) and is standard available in three different diameters and four different colors that we would like to show you in our showroom.

Nice to know: The JSPR Aurora collection now decorates hotels such as the W Hotel in London and the Radisson Blue Hotel in Oslo, fashion houses such as that of Nikkie Plessen and hospitality venues such as Starbucks. Perhaps this beautiful design soon also decorates your interior.