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JSPR's newest lighting collection: Pirouette!

Selected by JSPR The World of JSPR is an official dealer of a unique selection of brands such as Gubi, Nordic Tales, Wever & Ducré and many more!

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An extra ordinary interior with exclusive lighting.

The online offering of exclusive lighting and a unique collection of luxurious furniture and decorative items is the mission of The World of JSPR. The assortment of exclusive, luxurious design lighting from our webshop has been carefully put together by us. With this, we want to give you the opportunity to create your own interior style that does not look like the rest. An interior that suits your style and your home.

We do this, first of all, by designing our own products. At The World of JSPR you will always find the latest collections of our main brand: JSPR. Secondly, when compiling the range of exclusive, luxurious design lighting from our webshop, we do not follow trends. These are often predictable and quickly boring due to the recognizable elements. We determine our own color palette and the materials that we like to work with. For example we love rich materials with a luxurious look. You will not find bulk products with us, we prefer to keep our collection of lighting exclusive.

Would you like more information and tips regarding design and lighting? Read our blog or contact us about the purchase, or for example about the installation of, among other things, hanging lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps. We are happy to help you. We also like to welcome you in our showroom, where you can see and experience part of our design lighting in person. JSPR already has more than 10 years experience with design and working on interior projects!