The end of an era: Plastic Fantastic 1 November 2022 – Posted in: News

The end of an era: after many successful years, JSPR has now decided to stop selling the iconic Plastic Fantastic collection.
A few years ago, owner Jasper van Grootel rediscovered his passion for lighting and since then only new lighting designs have been added to the JSPR collection.
They didn’t say goodbye to a couple of well known furniture collections, until now…

The Plastic Fantastic series was thé breakthrough of designer Jasper van Grootel, just after he founded JSPR in 2005.
Over the years, the collection has grown into a large family with many different items to choose from.

We want to thank everyone who purchased a Plastic Fantastic item over the years for their enthusiasm.
We hope you wille enjoy it for many years to come!

1. and 2. © Jspr
2. Liseberg, Gothenborg; Interior and Photo by Senab (SE) ©
3. © Jspr
4. Saint Tropez (FR)
5. HKU in Utrecht (NL)
6. Liseberg, Gothenborg; Interior and Photo by Senab (SE) ©
7. © Rescue Spa New York (USA)
8. Piet Hein Eek
9. Yoo Panama by Philippe Starck