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Out now : Quote Magazine’s ‘Woonspecial! In their own words, you will read the most beautiful stories about ultimate living pleasure in this edition. With an exclusive look at top interior designer Piet Boon, Quote gives the floor to master burglar Octave ‘Okkie’ Durham and Quote sets off with a star broker. But they also took the time to interview our own Jasper van Grootel, founder and still head-designer of JSPR.

You can read a small excerpt from the interview below, but order the Woonspecial from Quote here if you want to read the entire article.
Many thanks to Quote Magazine for the feature! And in particular writer Olivier van Kuijen and photographer Sjors Massar.

” This young lighting designer gives the City of Light (Eindhoven) new energy.

Thanks to design studio JSPR, Eindhoven still lives up to the honorary title of the City of Light. Designer Jasper van Grootel locally manufactures spectacular art deco lamps with a contemporary twist.

While most children played with blocks or Lego, Van Grootel was ‘nerding with lighting’. You couldn’t make him happier than with a soldering iron, LEDs and a printed circuit board. Six years ago he translated that youthful passion into a new direction for JSPR: project lighting.

In no time, international interior architects found him, which led to an impressive list of projects all over the world. JSPR distinguishes itself by the high-quality materials that are used, the customization delivered based on the designs and the speed of production. Van Grootel achieves the latter by having everything produced locally, in and around Eindhoven. ”

Before the pandemic, JSPR’s clientele was mainly corporate and international. That is shifting, says Van Grootel. ‘We see that the Dutch are increasingly finding (the right) lighting in their interior more important and that they are willing to spend more money on it. More and more people are also making use of interior architects, who are very well able to find their way to us. ”