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Wall lighting is usually purely functional and most wall fixtures are therefore designed to stand out as little as possible. JSPR is happy to change that with the new Union wall luminaires!
Starting with the Union Medium: a series of striking wall luminaires that are larger than you may be used to.
Each Union wall lamp is unique and is unified out of different layers that are made of anodised aluminum.
A number of models are solid and the other models have a handsome, perforated hexagon pattern.

The Union wall lamps offer both up- and downlight, but also indirect light that shines through the different layers in an atmospheric way.
With this collection, Jasper van Grootel wanted to design a wall fixture that really catches the eye and adds an aesthetic value to the interior.
Even when the fixture is switched off, it is still a feast for the eyes!

Handmade from 100% aluminum, these dimmable wall luminaires are easy to use in different areas: from living room to bedroom or kitchen.
The Union collection is currently only suitable for indoor use! Behind the scenes we are working hard on the outdoor version of this beautiful collection.

The Union collection is currently available in five different models in 7 different colours, including our new colors: JSPR pink and green!
Which model would you go for?



Ø12 cm
31 cm H
Delivery time: 6-8 weeks

Prices from 595, –
The Union wall lamps are always supplied including the dimmable LED light sources.

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