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Yes, we have added several new products to the web-store! We would like to highlight our latest additions in this blog post.


Wall lighting is usually only functional and should not stand out too much. Lighting designer Jasper van Grootel thought differently about this: According to him, wall lighting, just like the other lighting in an interior, should stand out and be a feast for the eyes. Even when the fixture is switched off. The Union collection by JSPR therefore consists of a series of striking wall scones. The Union Medium is now available, but an even larger Union Large version will soon be available.

Each variant consists of different layers, combined into one unique wall fixture. Three solid models and two variants with a pretty, perforated hexagon pattern.
The Union collection offers both up ánd downlight, but also indirect light that shines through the different layers in an attractive way. Jasper van Grootel aimed to design a wall lighting collection that is larger than you might be used to, that really catches the eye and adds an aesthetic value to the interior. Handmade from 100% aluminum, these dimmable wall luminaires are available in five different models and 6 different colors, including our new color: JSPR pink!


From 595,- EUR


The Illan hanging lamp from Luceplan is a very special lamp. The lamp consists of a very light body made of extremely thin, flexible birch wood. The material is laser cut along densely packed, equidistant lines. The unique, natural character of the birch wood remains visible through the typical grain pattern. Once suspended from the ceiling, Illan gains volume thanks to gravity and takes on its characteristic shape that seems to be floating in the air. The expertly inlaid LED light provides very comfortable, relaxing diffuse lighting.

Illan is available in several sizes up to a diameter of one meter; Design Zsuzsanna Horvath for the Italian brand Luceplan (2019).

Luceplan-Illan-Design-Lamp Luceplan-Illan-Design-Lamp

From 870,- EUR


The Balao pendant lamp from Versmissen is stylish and playful. The organic round shapes, the smoked glass and the brushed brass together create love at first sight! The Balao pendant lamp comes including a dimmable light source and ceiling rose.
Perfect for a calm, zen-like atmosphere in your interior.

779,- EUR


We see a lot of ceramic and nude shades in today’s interiors. The Versmissen Ovo table lamp is a tall, slim lamp in 3 beautiful neutral colors.
The base is handmade from ceramic, with a fabric lampshade that spreads an atmospheric light.


379,- EUR


The Unfo lamp is inspired by the galactic world. The base looks a bit like a UFO, but made of sturdy ceramic, it stays neatly in place. Versmissen has therefore called this table lamp Unfo, an Unidentified Non Flying Object.
Extra nice about this lamp is that it has two light sources. One is in the lampshade and one is in the ceramic base.
When the Unfo lamp is on, it is easy to see that the inside of the ceramic base has a beautiful bronze finish on the inside! That makes you want to take a closer look at this beautiful eye-catcher.
Available in three different colors.

769,- EUR

Combine the Unfo lamp with the beautiful Unfo bowl. The stylish Unfo bowl radiates and combines in different interiors.
The decorative bowl, with bronze finish on the inside, is a beautiful centerpiece in any room.


239,- EUR


The Woolly swivel armchair from the collection of the Dutch brand BePureHome has a friendly, soft appearance and has round shapes. A huge trend at the moment is the “teddy chair” with organic shapes, the Woolly armchair has both elements.
The swivel armchair is covered with a wonderfully soft fabric, available in two different shades. The base is made of steel with a matte black powder coating.
Swivel armchair Woolly invites you to relax!

woolly-chair-be-pure-home woolly-chair-be-pure-home

From 739,- EUR


The bar cart or serving trolley has certainly proven itself as a design icon recently and therefore deserves a place in our interior. Preferably a little vintage looking! What makes this trolley different from others: the 3 racks for hanging glasses.
The Decadent trolley is therefore not only very conveniently arranged, but also a beautiful piece of furniture. How would you style this Decadent Trolley?

The trolley is equipped with 4 swivel wheels, making it easy to move. The castors can also be locked, so that the Decadent does not just drive away.

decadent-trolley-antique decadent-trolley-antique

309,- EUR


The Pillar collection by Pols Potten consists of a series of three different pillars where you can show off that eye-catcher. A lamp, vase or other item that may be seen.
With this marble look you also immediately bring a luxurious feeling into your home, but fortunately these Pols Potten pillars are easy to move thanks to their modest weight.

Now also available in this beautiful brown color!

brown-pillar-pols-potten brown-pillar-pols-potten

From 359,- EUR


The Ribble collection by Pols Potten consists of a series of striking cabinets. The gold coating that sits over this wooden case is hammered by hand and fastened with gold studs for a voluptuous and unique finish.
The choice consists of three different models: Middle, Tall and Low!

Ribble-Gold-Design-Cabinet-Pols-Potten Ribble-Gold-Design-Cabinet-Pols-Potten Ribble-Gold-Design-Cabinet-Pols-Potten

From 2189,- EUR

Is your favorite item not featured? We are an official dealer of all the mentioned brands and can therefore also offer other products on request.
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