STOCK SALE! Steel Cabinets #1 to #5 26 May 2020 – Posted in: News

YAY! Stock Sale at JSPR!

The Steel Cabinets are for the big and the small collectors, because they come in seven different models. The oakwood base, the powder coated steel frame and the handmade glass windows and domes make every cabinet beautiful and mesmerising. Designed by Sylvie Meuffels for JSPR, these handmade unique Steel Cabinets are ready to steal the show! The cabinets are easy to remove from the oakwood base, and can therefor also be used without the base (or build your own one!). Behind glass you can easily exhibit your most previous belongings safe and dust-free!


JSPR’s warehouse is going to move. This will take some time, but nevertheless we are already critically looking at our current stock. Therefor we now offer the Steel Cabinets, models #1 to #5, with 35% discount!

* Pay attention: the items from our stock sale may not be returned or exchanged.

jspr-design-kopen-steel-cabinets jspr-design-kopen-steel-cabinets