Purchasing our lighting fixtures outside of Europe, is that possible? 9 July 2019 – Posted in: News – Tags: , , , ,

What if you live outside of Europe and you have spotted a beautiful piece of lighting at The World of JSPR? Is our lighting always suitable for usage outside of Europe? You can read more about this in this blog!

In Europe the voltage is usually between 220 and 240 volts, while in Japan and (North-) America that is only half: between 100 and 127 volts. Below is a map with the current voltages and frequencies of all countries in the world (source: worldstandards.eu). Like the Netherlands and Belgium, dark blue countries use 220-240 V. The electricity grid in the red countries supplies a voltage between 100 and 127 V ⤵︎

JSPR Lighting
Have you ordered a lighting product from JSPR in our web-store, and the delivery address is in a country with 100-127 V? Then we ensure that your order is 100% suitable for usage it in the country of delivery. This means that we use the right kind of light sources and – if necessary – provide you with a transformer. We do not charge extra costs for this.

Lighting from other brands
The lighting from other brands is not always suitable for usage in countries with 100-127 V. Not even with a transformer. This differs per product and per brand. That is why we advise you to contact us first to check this -> [email protected]. We are also happy to help you with any other questions about this topic.

All products that are offered in the web store of The World of JSPR have a CE marking. The CE marking is not a quality mark, but it does indicate that the product complies with the applicable rules within the EEA (European Economic Area: the European Union plus Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland). UL, CSA is the leading certification organization in the United States for the safety of electrical and electronic products. Even though UL approval is not legally required, many organizations find this important.

As mentioned before: not all the lighting products that are offered in the web store of The World of JSPR are suitable for usage in countries with 100-127 V. The products that we do offer for this market, are unfortunately mostly not UL-listed. However, as most products are low voltage products, you may be wondering if a UL-listing is required in your situation.

External adapters and transformers that JSPR offers are always UL-Listed. Do you find this complicated and would you like more detailed information about a product? Then we advise you again to contact us -> [email protected]

One e-mail can be enough to get your question answered!