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JSPR’s Plastic Fantastic series consists of a large number of furniture pieces that, thanks to their unique rubber coating, are weatherproof. The rubber coating also provides extra strength, which makes the furniture project-worthy and suitable for intensive use. But make sure to take good care of your Plastic Fantastic piece!

Clean the furniture when you detect any bird droppings or other corrosive substances, such as algae. You can do this with warm soapy water and a cleaning cloth. Repeat throughout the season to avoid dirt build up. To remove stains and residue use the JSPR Cleaning Set for best results. After cleaning, the furniture pieces are ready to use without the need to apply any other surface treatment.

The rubber coating of the Plastic Fantastic series is very strong. Water-, sun-, cold- and dry-heat tests all show no change in flexibility or description. But note: if small damage has nevertheless occurred in the coating, the (rain-)water can access the furniture and that can ultimately cause damage. Therefor: treat minor damage immediately!

It is possible to repair the damage at home by ordering a JSPR repair kit in the exact same color as your furniture. The repair set consists of two components; a hardener (usually in translucent white) and colored liquid rubber in the color of your choice. The repair kit is delivered including a pencil to apply the two components. We recommend using the set within 7 days of receipt.

JSPR does not give warranty on Plastic Fantastic items that have been partially placed in water for a long period of time. Sea- and swimming pool water can contain corrosive substances such as chlorine, algae and salt. In addition, the pH value of the water can cause acids to penetrate the coating. The coating is then no longer water-proof.

In the winter we usually spend less time outside. If we spend less time outside, we are also less able to check our outdoor furniture on all of the above. That is why we recommend that you storage the furniture indoors, or cover the furniture if you do not use the furniture for a long time.

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