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Are you curious to find out what we can expect of the 2019 interior trends? Let’s get straight to the core: colors are out of stye! Natural chic is the way to go this year. How can you easily participate in this? Read it in this blog post:

Earth tones
Choose no more than two color accents and keep the rest quiet with earth tones, for a timeless interior. Of course we still want to be triggered and so we hold on to the rich, natural materials. Warm wood, vintage leather, soft wool, stone, granite or rattan.

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Light and dark
Those of you that are missing a bit of contrast, can play with darker and lighter shades. A current trend is: ‘If you do it, do it well.’ And that’s why we play with light and dark in 2019 in the form of accessories or even furniture to make everything a bit more exciting.

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Style Mix
Another trend that you can easily integrate in your interior – without having to change everything – is the Style Mix. We are very pleased with this trend: a modern sofa can be easily combined this year with an antique cabinet.

Antiques do not have to be heavy and dark, as long as you dose well. By integrating antique pieces in your interior here and there, you make it personal and unique. Keep the rest modern and clean for a contemporary overall look. With this trend you can look beyond furniture alone. Showcase items in / on a suitable cabinet or hang them up!

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Of course, the World of JSPR also has items in the collection that fit well with this new style trend. These are our current favorites:


Bamboo and rattan match perfectly with today’s trend. They are natural materials, with a natural color. Because these materials are so bendable, the most impressive and fine forms can be created. Look -for example- at this dream of a hanging chair (Lot, by Broste Copenhagen) and this lantern called Aleta.


They also perfectly get it at the interior brand WOOOD. The seat of chair Weave is made of round woven, natural, rattan. This chair has a lovely seat; For some extra comfort you can put your favorite pillows in it.

Petrified wood is a natural material and beautiful to look at. Each Slice differs slightly from the other in color and structure.

From light to dark: this Bell lamp series by Normann Copenhagen is available in the colors white, sand, gray and black. Moreover available in four different sizes, suitable for any interior: small or large.

The brand Ay illuminate, from Dutch grounds, sends an important message: “Make use of what there is available.” They only work with natural materials that occur in Africa, Asia and South America and their products are made by local craftsmen. Ay illuminate also shows you how you can play with light and dark colors.


The above items (by V-Lab) are all handmade, unique and with a vintage look. Put them down nonchalantly through your interior, or hang the pair of gloves up in a nice place. The vintage look of the leather gives it a rough edge.

heritage-side-table-display-cabinet heritage-side-table-display-cabinet heritage-side-table-display-cabinet

This black sidetable, with vintage look and feel, has a nice and original design. The sloping glass doors can be opened separately and the different compartments offer a lot of space to show your most beautiful items. Heritage by the label WOOOD.


We want to end today’s blogpost with the image above, that combines all the new trends in one interior. Can we help you with more tips or do you have questions about the products? Contact us and we are happy to help you!

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