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Lighting not only creates the right atmosphere, it also ensures that we can see everything properly. For example, to be able to work well, but also for safety. During the dark winter months it does not hurt to leave an extra light on, in the evening.

That is why in this blogpost consists of 10 lighting collections that never get boring!

Great to combine, but just as beautiful to hang individually. Mix and Match for the ultimate result in your home: The Calex XXL collection – from 44,95

JSPR’s Diamond collection is still very popular and well-known. Very logical – we think – because these Diamonds are the perfect combination of industrial and chic. From 235, –

The J.J.W. Wever & Ducré wall luminaire is selected by us because of the beautiful light that shines both upwards and downwards. The multiple layers of the fixture give a playful but chic effect. With its art deco-like design in combination with the innovative material (aluminum), this luminaire comes to right in many different atmospheres. From 395,-

After seeing the beautiful images of Nordic Tales, we nééded to include this light in our collection. Great how you can play with the lengths of the cables to create your own perfect light fixture. We offer this collection per set of 4 pieces: Bright Spot – from 450, – (4 pieces)

The Satellite lamp is equipped with numerous small holes that provide a pleasant soft and atmospheric light. The elliptical “hat” functions as a reflector and creates a beautiful play of light and shadow. From 664, –

With the Crown, designer Grietje Schepers knew how to surprise everyone by creating a classic beauty, the chandelier, in a brilliant cutting pattern and an innovative material. Because of both classic and modern elements this design comes to right in many different environments and due to the not so modest dimensions (135cm and 225cm) this fixture is not to be missed and a real eye catcher! From 695, –

Inspired by graphic design principles, this lighting collection consists of 4 different models. Each model is created from steel tubes that seem to turn into an eternal pirouette. In the center there is room for a luminous lightbulb: The Pirouette collection – from 925,-

The Flamingo light by Vibia gives a beautiful effect through the reflection on several layers of the fixture. The shade of the Flamingo is standard white, but the steel details can be made in anthracite, gold, copper or white. Moreover, the Flamingo is available in nine different variants; so choose your favorite or mix them together. From 1059,-

Did you know that contrasts work very well in interiors? Hang a round lamp in a square / rectangular room for a change! This also works very well above kitchen tops or in office spaces. The Aurora remains our all time favorite. From 1995, –


The Empire collection by Jasper van Grootel is inspired by the Empire State Building, one of the most famous art deco examples. This can be seen from the many different layers of the luminaire. The collection consists of three different luminaires made of durable, anodized aluminum and carefully laid in with modern LED technology (2700K). Even when the light is not on, it gives an elegant art deco atmosphere to every room. From 3085, –

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