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Black Friday. It must be a familiar term for all our American customers. But it is only since a few years that almost all Dutch retailers are participating in it. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, the day on which many Americans decide to do their first Christmas-shopping. Most Americans even get a day off from work for this happening! We do ask ourselves if it is really fun to go shopping on this day. The term Black Friday comes from the fact that vehicle traffic is very heavy and shopping malls are loaded with people.

The World of JSPR therefor offers you the chance to simply do your shopping from home. Friday 23 November – Black Friday – you can shop everything in our web store with a 10% discount. No matter how much or what you order! Use the code ‘BLACKFRIDAY’ at the checkout and the discount will be settled automatically.

Did you also know that we ship for free within NL and BE ?! And within Europe we also ship all JSPR products for free!

You’re welcome.

PS. Delivery times may be slightly longer after Black Friday 😉