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A house is no home when no personal belongings can be found. Show your most precious memories, second hand treasures or souvenirs from that one dream vacation. In public spaces it is also the trend right now, to display pretty items for a homely atmosphere. In the last case less personal items, but not necessarily less beautiful! In this blog you will find enough inspiration for showing off the most beautiful possessions.

Are you a collector? Then you can choose an open cabinet with multiple shelves to show your items together as one collection. That way you can enjoy it any time of the day. It may also be nice to display  your dearest postcards in such a cabinet or to display beautiful photos. There are many variants of cabinets on wheels, so you can flexibly deal with your interior.

dutch-design-kopen-stelling-giro be-pure-home-design-kopen-tea-trolley

In addition, plants are still a huge trend. Choose a hanging plant that falls nicely over your shelf or side table. Bottles and beautiful glasses are also favorites. Choose the most beautiful bottles so that you can also use them when they are empty, for example with a beautiful flower or leaf!


Some possessions are just too valuable or fragile to display them, we understand that very well. In that case, choose for a cabinet with glass, where you can safely and dust-free (!) Show your most beautiful belongings.



Yet, not everyone needs a whole cabinet for his showpieces, and not everyone has enough space! For the Fortune storage boxes everyone has something suitable, and you can put them anywhere. The storage boxes have the following dimensions (HxWxD): 22.5x42x31.5 cm and 21x34x24.5 cm and are sold as a set of two pieces!

design-kopen-be-pure-home design-kopen-be-pure-home

These are our favorite showcase cabinets and vitrines from The World of JSPR web store:

1.GODDESS 119,- 2.GIRO from 125,- 3.FORTUNE set of 2 129,- 4.TEA TROLLEY 139,- 5. PUSH 159,-

6.MIL 429,- 7.STEEL STORAGE 599,- 8.CLASS 699,- 9.CUBE 1055,- 10.Steel Cabinets from 1150,-