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Lighting, Furniture, Outdoor and Decoration … Every week there are new items coming online in these four categories. One week more than the other, but all selected with care. What sets the World of JSPR apart from others is that we do not select our products purely on the basis of trends. We offer a unique selection of the products that we find special, that fit with our style, and are almost as cool as the JSPR products. Some classics can not be missed in the list, but we also look for products that are not available elsewhere. Like the products by Nordic Tales:


After seeing the beautiful images of Nordic Tales, we nééded to include this lighting collection in our collection. We offer this Bright Modeco collection as a set of 4, with a choice for black or gold cable (including matching ceiling plates).

please note: this product is sold as a set of 4 pieces!


Birdy is the name of this pendant collection by Zuiver. Characterized by its geometric shapes and open design, which reminds us of a birdcage for birds with good taste.

The elegant wooden socket fits perfectly with the braided rattan. We love this combination of natural materials. Zuivers’ Birdy comes in two sizes: long and wide. The light shines evenly through the gray wire frame and will illuminate your interior in a special way.


For everyone who loves Paris, this design by Broste Copenhagen came as a gift from heaven. Oui Oui, we also love France ánd this beautiful brass lamp, called Caspa, which is available in two different models: one light source or two light sources. For a French interior you do not necessarily have to cross the border! The Flower mirror also fits perfectly with this French style.


This set of decorative beetles and ladybug with vintage look will certainly bring your interior to life. Put them on the table to compliment your tableware and linen or elsewhere in your interior for some extra sparkle.

The World of JSPR offers The Beetles as a set of 3!

design-kopen-pantone-lamp design-kopen-pantone-lamp

Modern designs with a steel, elegant lampshade for a timeless look with a funky twist. These collections are both available in a number of beautiful Pantone © colors where the lampshade is matte in color, with a glossy edge at the bottom. Available as hanging lamp, table and floor lamps! Hang several together for a playful effect! Castor // Antares.


The World of JSPR web store would not be complete without these two stylish storage boxes from the new BePureHome collection. After all, we love showing off our most beautiful belongings. This set of 2 Fortune storage boxes is made of metal with an antique brass finish and glass.

The sturdy WOOOD Kim dining chair with a PU hard plastic seat in the color brown with wood structure, has a striking contemporary appearance through its tub-shaped seat. This is not only beautiful in appearance, but the chair is also super comfy. Moreover, the PU shell is easy to clean with a slightly damp cloth. This sturdy dining chair fits in many styles of living.




Finally: Plants are the new black. Place this stylishly shaped Greenery plant table from the BePureHome collection in any desired space. Give your own twist to the item by placing some beautiful plants and other showpieces on the plant table. The Greenery plant table is made of black metal and is 70 cm high, 96 cm wide and 36 cm deep.

Are you a professional in the interior design business and do you want to request a business quotation? This can be done with an application via e-mail. Let us know in which collection (s) you are interested and how many items the application is for (of course with reference to business data). Usually you will receive an answer – free of obligation – the same day ♡