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At The World of JSPR we do not only offer JSPR collections, but also brands and products that are almost as cool. And every now and then we put a big spotlight on one of those names.

Today it is the Dutch brand Pols Potten we are highlighting. They set the tone in the field of interior and home accessories on international level. Founded in Amsterdam in 1986 and in their own words: subtle, innovative, unconventional and clearly rooted in the Dutch design tradition.

We call it a quirky brand with guts. Pols Potten products can be recognized at a glance by their often striking, unique, surprising and stylish looks. This also applies to the Artificial Plant collection that they launched in 2017 and that have expanded with new items ever since:

kunstplanten-kopen-pols-potten-fake-plants kunstplanten-kopen-pols-potten-fake-plants pols-potten-design-kopen-taro            pols-potten-design-kopenpols-potten-design-kopen-heliconia pols-potten-design-kopen-ginger


This collection by Pols Potten gives the concept of artificial plants a completely new meaning. Having artificial plants in your interior is nothing to be ashamed of nowadays. Super handy, if you do not have green fingers yourself, and moreover, they are no longer distinguishable from real life. Do you like color in your home? The collection of artificial plants by Pols Potten gives you the opportunity to match your (artifical) plants to the rest of the interior with these spectacular designs in black, blue, pink, red or even silver and gold!

pols-potten-design-kopen pols-potten-design-kopen

Every member of the Pols Potten family comes with her own color options and be aware, because thanks to their not so modest dimensions they are not to be missed!

Of course these are by far not the only products by Pols Potten; There is much more! The World of JSPR is an official dealer of Pols Potten and therefore we are also in the position to offer other products or collections from this label. Just send an email to [email protected] and we’ll arrange that for you ★!

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