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Pantone® is known worldwide as the standard language when it comes to communicating colors, with designers, producers and retailers. In addition to making color codes, Pantone has been inspiring design professionals with their products, services and advanced technology for more than fifty years when it comes to color expression and creativity.

We can proudly say that from now on we can offer the Pantone Deneb drop cap pendants in our web- store. These simplistic pendants draw their strength from the strong Pantone colors in which they are made, the high quality and details ánd the brilliant combination with the vintage light sources from Tivoli®.

Just launched, these pendants are currently available in six beautiful colors:

The Deneb drop cap pendants make it possible to add a subtle color accent to a room when only one is applied. Multiple Deneb drop cap pendants together really can complete an interior.


The World of JSPR supplies the Deneb drop cap pendants including a beautiful, vintage light source from Tivoli. These have the perfect size of 9.5 cm diameter and are known for their beautiful, atmospheric light. Exchange it later for a light source of your choice if you like variety.

Deneb drop cap pendants, from 89,00 (including lightbulb)
Delivery time 1-2 weeks
The Deneb drop caps come standard with a matching fabric cable (3m) & ceiling plate and are currently available in 6 different colors.

View the product video below⤵︎