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At the World of JSPR, we are a bunch of couch potatoes. Simply because we looove to stay in and stare at our interior, full of inspiration for re-styling and re-decorating. But even interior designers need to get out every once in a while. And how could we do that better than with these ûbercool, electric foldable bikes by Postbike?!

The Post bike Fold combines the comfort of an electric city bike with the ease of use of a foldable bike. The Fold is the ideal electric folding bike for both urban and recreational use. Perfect to take with you on the train, on holiday or on the boat. The Fold has a modern look and is equipped with Shimano gears (6 pieces). The leather handles and saddle provide a luxurious look and added comfort.

The Fold has a LG Lithium-ION battery, the same technology which is applied in the most modern electric cars. The battery is integrated in the frame and is therefor invisible. That makes your e-bike not only super tough, but it’s also less prone to theft. The battery is easily removable and equipped with a USB connection, so you can charge your mobile phone while driving your bike! The powerful rear wheel motor knows no boundaries. The engine delivers a spirited support of 35 Nm and has a freewheel. As a result, you will be riding very light and without resistance (even without support).

This summer, we drove with the PostBike Fold through the mountains of Luxembourg (area Vianden), along the castles of the Dordogne region in France, and between the vineyards of the Moselle river in Germany. With a full battery, we easily drove 50 km through the mountains (on the high-modus) and when we returned the battery was still not completely empty. Especially on slopes, the bicycle assistance was more than welcome; It works so fine that it is tempting to turn it on continuously. The folding up goes mega quick and easy, the bikes are light enough to properly lift them. Also: they are beautiful. We got a lot of compliments about them during our JSPR Camper tour.

Watch the Postbike Promo video here!
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