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At The World of JSPR we do not only offer JSPR collections, but also brands and products that are almost as cool. And every now and then we put a big spotlight on one of those names.

Today it is up to the Dutch brand DutchBone, and so you would think we had close to home. But nothing could be further from the truth. Although the name suggests otherwise, the Dutch design team of DutchBone gets inspired by the styles, atmospheres and materials from countries all around the world. Therefor Wanderlust (wanting to travel and see the world) is the keyword for their brand and collection.

The design team of DutchBone undertook extensive trips to all corners of the world, in search for inspiration for their collection. Along the way, they agreed  that sophisticated chic is the trend of the moment. Think sultry dark colors, soft snuggly materials, cushions in different patterns with lots of gold. The best way to apply this style in your own interior is to choose colors as ochre yellow, dark green, dark blue and old pink. Ochre yellow also combines great when velvet, another big trend right now. DutchBone is also a big fan of wallpaper or a large painting on the wall.

At The World of JSPR we love quirky brands. That moment when you instantly recognize a particular designer or label in a product that has been launched. We also think that the products by DutchBone match pretty good with JSPR’s in terms of material/sphere and style.

Of course these are by far not the only collections by DutchBone; There’s more! The World of JSPR is an official dealer of DutchBoneand that is why we are in the position to offer other products or collections by this label as well. Simply send an email to [email protected] and we’ll arrange that for you ★!