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The collections that we offer at The World of JSPR are constantly being expanded. This makes it fun to come back for a visit every once in a while and have a look at our offers. As a design-lover you can probably appreciate some new gems every now and then, especially when they match perfectly with your own interior! We offer some items for those who love bright color-combinations but we also do not forget about those who love natural colors and materials. And if it is up to us, an interior can not go without flowers or in this case: plants! Come and see…

The Pads collection stands for comfort and simplicity. A sleek design with a nice seat which is available in six different colors. In addition, this collection offers the possibility to let nature melt into your interior. A tree or plant can be placed into it.

By the way this is not a new collection of JSPR, but it is new in the web-store because of the fact that this collection fits in perfectly within the current trends where (indoor) plants play a big role. ‘Old but Gold’ is how we call this in The Netherlands. PADS by JSPR from €1499,- 


The Dutchbone Gem candleholder is a breathtaking, natural product. Not one Gem candle holder is exactly the same in terms of shape or color. The gem by itself is already beautiful to look at, but the amazing colors of the gemstone agate are emphasized if you burn a little candle on the back. The light transparent agate stone rests on a brass standard that beautifully blends with the colors of the gemstone. GEM blue by Dutch Bone €49,- 

Dutchbone’s Class collection lives up to its name because of the beautiful, classic fishbone pattern that is incorporated herein. This elegant and powerful design that is finished with antique brass shows a lot of class. Nice feature: we also offer a matching dining table! CLASS sideboard by Dutch Bone €999,-

CLASS confutable by Dutch Bone €395,-

And for the dining table in two different sizes click here

Colors affect your mood; colors make you happy, excited and fitter. Beige is a beautiful earth-tone and will attract nature-lovers and adventurers. These beautiful bullskin byPols Potten (4m2) offers the opportunity to brighten up any interior. BULLSKIN beige by Pols Potten €554,-


The Heliconia by Pols Potten gives a completely new meaning to the concept fake plant. Having fake plants in your interior is no longer something that you need to be ashamed of. It is perfect when you’re having trouble keeping your plants alive, and moreover they look perfectly real nowadays! The Heliconia now gives you the opportunity to blend in your fake plants even more into your interior, being available in pink and dark red! Heliconia by Pols Potten €200,-

Always wanted a cool trolley? For this design from the collection by BePureHome everyone has some space left! This trolley on wheels can be placed easily in the kitchen, living room or office, maybe even a goodie for in the bedroom. The combination of the materials gives the trolley a cool vintage look. The shelves are made out of old wood and have a grey wax layer. The sides are metal and have an open structure. The trolley is ment to look a little vintage. Giro trolley by BePureHome from €139,-

Maybe now you think: where is the binding factor in this collection of new products? Well, what differentiates us from others is that we select our products not purely based on trends. We offer a unique selection of the products we find special, matches our house style, and are almost as cool as the products by JSPR. Some classics can therefore not be missed in the series, but in addition we also looking for products that are not available elsewhere. Soon you will find a new blog post here with our newest additions! See you then!

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