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May we have your attention please? Because it is has been officially spring in Netherlands for three days already! And when the sun comes out, so do the people. Time to make your terrace/balcony/patio or any form of ”outside” you have, spring-ready! But as many know, in our pretty little country long spring days with lots of sunshine are not always guaranteed, so let’s also make our interior a bit more spring proof! These simple tips & tricks are essential for the ultimate spring feeling.

Light colors 🌿🍃
Last winter dark colors were a huge interior trend. Preferably a little dark blue or dark green and burgundy also did very well. Not so strange given the fact that these colors beautifully combine with natural materials such as marble, wood, but also with brass. For spring, however, you can’t go light enough, and also very important: cleaned up! So swap that broom through your interior and start that spring clean! Go for a light, Scandinavian style:

This spring it is the color yellow that we embrace. Not only in our wardrobe but also in our interior.


Flowers and plants 🌿🍃
Of course you can also catch spring in a vase! Typical spring-flowers are the beautiful yellow narcissus and fragrant hyacinths. Now that the nights are longer, you can also enjoy them a little longer. Put a vase on your dining table or on the ground with large flowers in it. It does not only make your home nicer and fresher, guests feel more welcome in your home.

Also integrate plants into your home and be a little creative. Combine your flowers and plants with another trend, for example showcases:

Or use the height and hang your plants! By the way, you don’t need to have green fingers now that there are so many beautiful fake flowers and plants.


Outdoor furniture🌿🍃
Now what is better than to be able to enjoy the heat with this delightful spring weather? If necessary, under a covered terrace, but out we go! Therefore it is time to take the garden furniture out. Many people opt for strong and solid, like wooden garden furniture and hope that it last for years. But know that there is so much more than that! Rubber, stainless steel, colorful…you may be surprised!

Both the Sketch collection as the Plastic Fantastic collection are perfect to make a statement with your outdoor furniture. And by the way, they look beautiful inside too when winter comes around again.

Tropical prints 🌿🍃
Botanical prints have been a trend for a while now, as we saw many old posters with botanical prints during fall and winter. But this spring you can take it up a notch. Put up some nice little wall-paper for that forever vacation feeling. Do you dare? A nice alternative is to do only part of the wall. Want to play it even more safe? Then put a piece of your favourite wallpaper of the moment, in a big beautiful frame. Now you can easily change them every once in a while, no strings attached 🙂

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