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”What does JSPR stand for?” is an often heard question for us. The answer is simple: JSPR refers to the founder and head-designer of the label, Jasper Van Grootel.



It was 2005 when Jasper graduated from the well appreciated Design Academy in Eindhoven (Netherlands). He was determined to start designing for his own future label en therefor slowly but surely started entrepreneuring during his fourth and final year at the DAE. Plastic Fantastic became the name of his very first collection that consist of mahogany wooden furniture that are being rubber coated. This rubbercoating does not only give the items a unique look, it also makes them perfectly suitable for outdoor use.


But this is not the only collection coming from Jasper with a nod to the past. He gets very much inspired by styles, or products from the past, but his final products are always timeless.

After more than ten years of successful designs it is clear that interior is Jaspers passion, and you will least likely see him design something that is not applicable for that branche. What Jasper loves the most about his work? Seeing a product grow from sketch, to final product and not stopping there. Also the commercial- and sales part is done by Jasper himself, and that makes him seem to be just as good an entrepreneur as a designer.


What you will find at JSPR is furniture, lighting and interior objects for indoor and outdoor. In particular lighting is something that arouses Jasper a lot lately. Grand lighting fixtures for hospitality projects, but also for homy atmospheres. Interesting to know: not all JSPR products are designed by Jasper himself. JSPR also collaborates with other designers to create a varied collection with both industrial, more colorful and more chic designs.

1. Leven Sittard

What we can expect from JSPR on short term? There is a Home collection planned! JSPR products that are just a little smaller and easier to apply, especially for the homy atmosphere and the hotel industry.


JSPR’s products travel all around the world. Not only consumers, but certainly professionals such as architects and interior designers are not afraid to purchase their items abroad. We find it extremely awesome to notice that even in Dubai or New York for example, our designs are loved and wanted. But also here in The Netherlands the designs byJasper and his fellow designers are greatly appreciated. And that is all managed from JSPR HQ at Fuutlaan 14 C (Eindhoven, Netherlands), the place where you may pick up your order. Of course you are also welcome to view a product on your wish list, ask questions about a product or simply stop by for inspiration, also read => Showroom.

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About The World of JSPR

JSPR loves functional simplicity. No conceptual artwork, but quality products that bring a smile on people’s face. Our first priority is to create strong designs that offer people more than they expect.
The founding of The World of JSPR was a logical next step. Our mission is to make more of JSPR than just an interior design brand. The collection will slowly but surely grow into a complete lifestyle concept that offers a complete line of JSPR classics, a future JSPR home collection and other interior designs with a similar identity. All items will have in common that they are classic with a modern twist, retro but with innovative materials and nostalgic but with an eye on the future. At The World of JSPR it is our mission to create a unique selection of elegant, extravagant products, that represent JSPR, for anyone who loves the brand and wants to start living it.