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At The World of JSPR we do not only offer JSPR collections, but also brands and products that are almost as cool. And every now and then we put a big spotlight on one of those names.

Today it is up to Quasar, and their lighting series by designer Ralf Frickel. After graduating from the Design Academy in Eindhoven he started creating his ‘Wired’ collection, which was shown in high-profile design cities such as Berlin, London, Miami, Paris and of course our own capital Amsterdam. Here Frickel received much praise for its versatile design and innovative use of materials. For example the beautiful Roundabout Collection:

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The Roundabout light objects have definitely proven themselves to be true Ralf Frickel classics. According to designer Ralf a light object needs to be alive all day long; Whether it is enlightened by daylight or by its own artificial light. It is the interplay of shadow and light that almost makes this collection a living object. The Roundabout collection comes in various sizes and is available as a pendant lamp, table lamp, floor lamp and ceiling lamp.

All items from this Quasar series, are handmade by local craftsmen who know how to combine traditional metalworking skills with state-of-the-art fine production methods. For example, the Cloche collection:


The Cloche collection is a tribute to the French haute couture from the early twentieth century. Haute Couture stands for handcrafted, exclusive and unusual; same as this wonderful collection of Ralf Frickel. A classic atmosphere with a modern twist, and that is exactly what we love! The Cloche collection consists of several hanging lamps, a floor lamp, table lamp and a wall version. In addition, each luminaire provides a beautiful pattern on the ceiling or wall.



A third, very strong collection by Quasar is the Anemone collection.

Ralf Frickel knew how to surprise everyone when this beautiful Anemone collection made it’s debut above the ocean’s surface. Inspired by the amazing underwater world, this collection is graceful, elegant and unique. As being a great addition to the other collections by Quasar, this Anemone is secretly one of our favorites.



Of course these are not the only collections by RF Objects; There is more! The World of JSPR is an official dealer of RF Objects and therefore we are able to offer other products or collections of this label as well. Just send an email to [email protected] and we will arrange that for you. Or take a look at★!