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The kitchen is a place that you either hate or looove. But wether you like it or not, proper lighting in the kitchen is very important. Cooking with daylight is the best, but not every kitchen can offer you that. Thereby, lighting doesn’t always have to be functional! In fact, lighting is one of the most important mood makers in any interior. And with the right lighting the kitchen can even become the favorite place of the ones that can hardly cook! Oké, we might be exaggerating a bit but hey, doesn’t that microwave deserve a nice spot as well?

Come and check out the finest lighting fixtures for the kitchen with us. Oh, and they are also all available at The World of JSPR.


Aurora by JSPR


These Aurora’s in the Post-Plaza hotel in Leeuwarden are obviously too pretty not to kick off with. In this open kitchen, which is the center of the restaurant, they come to right beautifully. We are therefore not surprised that they made it on to the cover of the yearbook Locations of 2016.


A similar type of atmosphere you can experience during the Live Cooking at the Van der Valk Hotel in Enschede. During the weekend there are as many as 14 cooks ready for you to make the tastiest dishes that make your mouth water; And all of that under the heavenly light of the Aurora lamp by JSPR.

Wiro by Wever & Ducré

The Wiro Diamond Collection by the Belgian brand Wever & Ducré is available in four different sizes and two different colors. Except for the color black, which is applicable everywhere, designer Bernd Steinhuber also opted for a striking rosé color. Just a little different from the copper color that we see a lot lately in many interiors. Very nice for those who want an original color in their interior, but the Wiro Diamond is just as beautiful in black.


Diamonds by JSPR

If you like steel, industrial lamps, the Diamonds by JSPR are also a very good alternative or perhaps be combined very well with the Diamonds by Wever & Ducre.


Admitted: of course we do not all have such huge kitchens; But for normal to modest and even mini kitchens, we also have some pretty inspirational images.


Like these beautiful Drop Top Shade lamps by Plumen. A modern lamp yet also beautiful in a classic setting, as this picture shows. What’s also very nice about the Drop Top Shade: the price!


These Shiek 3.0 lamps by Wever & Ducre are not in the shop yet, but are available with us! Just send an email to [email protected] 🙂


Compendium by Luceplan


Lindvall by Wästberg


Wireflow by Vibia


Small but cute: De Circle Pendant by Frama CPH


These Curtain lamps by Vibia are not in the shop yet, but are available with us! Just send an email to [email protected] 🙂

Which collection is your favorite?!