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At The World of JSPR we do not only offer JSPR collections, but also brands and products that are almost as cool. And every now and then we put a big spotlight on one of those names.

Today it is up to Mineheart, a British brand that was launched in 2010 by designers Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia. The name Mineheart was inspired on a quote by Shakespeare and illustrates their love for tradition on one hand and their love for contemporary design on the other, which often lead to surprising design combinations. Moreover, the designers believe that the objects we surround ourselves with everyday should be more than just functional, they should be made of stories, love, art and poetry in order to meaningfully exist.

“The idea behind Mineheart is to create a playground for creativity and discovery, where art meets design, and poetry meets industry.  We try to inject a sense of wonder into everyday objects and spaces around us, telling stories and creating things that are truly surprising,” Young&Battaglia

That is why with Mineheart you can think of traditional chandeliers, hidden in a modern lightbulb:


This King Edison collection is a true Mineheart classic and is therefor available in several different variants. From large to small, but also a trio variant or a mysterious ”Ghost” light. Moreover, not only the collections themselves show the fairytale-like atmosphere, even the photography speaks the Mineheart language.



Most Mineheart products are designed, made and assembled in the UK, this enables more control over production and quality, giving greater flexibility and the ability to offer custom made and bespoke pieces for clients. They are all made by passionate people, who love, live and breathe their craft; Like this Birdcage lamp with handblown white glass.



The Feather collection with real feathers (white or black) is soft and elegant. Inspired by the feather boa’s  from the earlier days but with a modern twist, this feather is available as a pendant and a table-lamp.

feather-lamp-black feather-lamp-white-birdcage

Good to know: Mineheart designs not only lighting; You can also find their art and rugs in our webshop. A collaboration with artist Angela Rossi led to some impressive images of animals and their alter egos. Or is it actually the other way around and do people have alter egos who occasionally properly may resemble animals? And if so, which animal suits your personality best?


Oh, and of course the nice rug is also available at The World of JSPR.


Of course these are not the only collections by Mineneart; There’s much more! The World of JSPR is an official dealer of Mineheart and therefore we are in a position to offer other products or collections of them as well. Just send an email to [email protected] and we will happily arrange that for you ★!