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Oh yeah, we are online! Have you been drooling over our products but didn’t have a clue where, or how to purchase them? Then the World of JSPR is just the place for you. Our mission is to make of JSPR something more than simply an interior design brand. The collection will slowly but surely grow into a complete lifestyle concept that provides JSPR fans with the ability to live the complete JSPR lifestyle by offering the JSPR o riginals, complemented with other interior design pieces with a similar identity and the (future) JSPR HOME collection. Pieces that are classic with a modern twist, retro but with innovative materials, nostalgic but with an eye on the future. At The World of JSPR, it is our mission to create a unique selection of elegant, extraordinary pieces that represent JSPR, for everyone who loves the brand and wants to start living it!

Our showroom is located at Fuutlaan 14C (Eindhoven, Netherlands) and is also thé place where you can possibly pick up your order. It is also the place where you can come and see a product with your own eyes, ask questions about a product or simply to get inspired. The showroom is opened from Monday till Friday from 10:00 until 18:00. However, keep in mind that we are not present all the time, and not all products are available at all times in the showroom, due to our wide product range. We therefore recommend to contact us in advance of your visit, to avoid disappointments!

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Living the brand